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Our Doctors have been trained and have experience at various International Institutions working with cutting edge technologies and globally acclaimed colleagues.

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Each of our doctors have performed hundreds of surgeries and assisted in over few thousand surgeries and have an extensive hands on learning experience as well as approach.

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Given the vast & varied experience of our team, various celebrities have been treated by our experts, from Bollywood Stars to Champion Atheletes

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Our inspiration to practice medicine as well as pursuing specialisations internationally was to bring the state of the art best technology and medical care to Central India

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Fitness & Sports Medicine

 In today’s competitive world, we are busy in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Days and years pass, in pursuit of our professional goals and targets. While doing this, we neglect the most precious thing, our health. This invites numerous health problems and lifestyle diseases. Our dedicated team of medical professionals is committed towards creating awareness about following a healthy lifestyle. It’s our aim to use scientific knowledge and methodologies that we have acquired as doctors and lifestyle coaches to change lives. We use science of nutrition and exercise to help you be fit and feel fabulous. Our goal is to ignite the passion for fitness, motivate clients to act on it and strive to transform themselves into their best selves.

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Many patients find that the pain after surgery is tolerable, treatable, and subsides gradually over a few months. Surgeons and hospital staff have a variety of options to manage pain and keep patients comfortable after surgery, such as numbing injections, IV pain medication, patient-controlled anesthesia, injections, pain pills and anti-inflammatory medications.

Many people are able to go home soon after surgery. Others choose to recover at a rehabilitation center. This decision depends on the availability of family or friends to help you with daily activities; home environment and safety considerations; and your overall evaluation after surgery. Your surgeon and you will decide together which course of treatment is best for you.

 The success of your knee replacement is measured by whether or not you’re satisfied with the decrease in pain and the increase in mobility you should have, as well as the durability of your implant over time. Knee replacement in general is a very successful operation. In fact, according to an Arthritis Foundation study, outcomes for total knee replacement generally have 90% to 95% patient satisfaction and an implant lifespan greater than 95% at 10 and 15 years with some designs. 

Several weeks before you undergo knee replacement surgery, discuss your recovery with your surgeon and caregiver(s). Speak with your family members and/or friends about the role they will play in your recovery. Explain the recovery process to them and the care you will need after surgery.

Historical Progress Analysis

As professionals we pay exteme attention to complete case history and closely monitor your health progress for analysing future case of action and medical intervention, if required.

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Dr Kekatpure is extremely knowledgeable and caring. Expect the best and honest advice always.

Amit Samarth

Public Health Physician, Endurance Athlete, Director at ProHEALTH Foundation

My experience with Dr. Aashay kekatpure has been outstanding in every sense. My sister had been suffering from osteoarthritis both knees since past 4 years. She was treated by one of the well known orthopedic doctors in Wardha. But in vain! Her knee pain worsened day by day and then we though we should have a second opinion. We consulted Dr. kekatpure. He reviewed x-rays knee and Advised MRI both knees. He thoughtfully explained that she should undergo immediate ACL repair. Her surgery was a complete success. Dr. Kekatpure done a fantastic job. My sister is undergoing regular physiotherapy as advised. This surgery gave my sister confidence and her life back. I appreciate and am grateful to Dr. Kekatpure and his team for making that happen.

Manish B

Doctors who you can trust for the matters of your health. Dr. Aashay or Aditya - for any kind of fractures, dislocations, ligament injuries, knee and shoulder treatments! Dr. Ms. Anagha for prostate, urology disorders, kidney stones and even transplant.

Anurag Kulkarni

A media-tech entrepreneur. Passionate about cinema, music, new media, theatre!

Internationally Trained & Experienced Team of Doctors

Our doctors have had extensive international training and experience apart from immense exposure and participation in international academic events.